Radio Production

Created and produced Galway Festival Radio, a daily magazine show during Arts Festivals season. The show won Programming Award from CRAOL for best one- off programme in 2013.

Beyond the Wire is a radio documentary on the punk movement in Northern Ireland in the 1970s & 1980s. Produced by Cormac Staunton and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the documentary focuses on the non-sectarian aspects of NI Punk, as well as exploring some of the stories of the bands and their fans: Rudi, Stiff Little Fingers, Ruefrex and The Outcasts. The show is also littered with humourous anecdotes and lashings of excellent music that highlights the vibrancy of the scene and its DIY ethos. We interview Brian Young (Rudi), Greg Cowans (The Outcasts), Paul Burgess (Ruefrex) and the legendary Terri Hooley of Good Vibrations record label.

You can listen/download here or listen online here. Beyond the Wire