SoundBusting 12.12.12



Testing One Two, One Two, One Two ... In celebration of International Sound Engineers Day, we are delighted to bring you an free evening of music and technology in recognition of that most badly treated of all professionals, the Sound Engineer ..

The event will take place on Wednesday 12.12.12 in the Electric Garden & Theatre

Live music from I'm Your Vinyl

DJ - Cormac Staunton

Special Guest Speaker - Paul Dezille (Diesel) - An Audio Professional and Stories from behind the Mixing Desk.

MC - Olaf Tyaransen (Hotpress).

Technology from:

-Soundwave -Craig Watson
-GIRT Mobile-Aonghus O'hEocha
-Breaking Tunes-Angela Dorgan,
-'Learning the ropes'-Michael Nestor
-Seevl-Alex Passant
-Ronan O’Malley-Fixational,
-45Sound -Catha Furey

These will be casual/informal but informative and then back for more uplifting tunes after the talks, leading into a set from ImYourVinyl from 9.30-10.30pm

All audio and video services, plus room and catering facilities provided by Staunton Media