Livestream - Economics of Cancer Symposium 2 Sep @ NUI Galway

We will be live streaming this very important conference on Cancer research from NUI Galway on Monday 02 September from 0900.


We had a lot of fun shooting TEDMED Live at NUI Galway this year. Wonderful to know such valuable research is happening here in the west of Ireland.

Here's Prof. Tim O'Brien "Achieving medical innovation: towards human tissue regeneration"

And Dr. Francis Finucane "Too many fat people?" And he pulls no punches.


Many thanks to Tariq Esmail and the TEDMED Live Team at NUI Galway.

EXPLORE 2013 - Student and Staff Innovation from NUI Galway

From Medical Apps that will save lives to videos promoting sexual health, Self Guided tours, Kitchen Chemistry, Cell Explorers and even Dragons, this year's EXPLORE projects have really raised the bar. Our video tells the story:

EXPLORE - Sexual Health Check Up Video

Sexual Health Check Up Video as part of the EXPLORE project.

EXPLORE - Student and Staff Innovation

Here's a little package we did for the wrap up of this year's EXPLORE project at NUI Galway.

CKI 10th Anniversary Lecture with Budd Hall

Budd Hall on Knowledge democracy. Thought provoking stuff.

Budd Hall CKI 10th Anniversary Lecture from Staunton Media on Vimeo.

Live Webcast - HPV Symposium - 17 May @ NUI Galway

We will be providing all AV services to the HPV Head & Neck Cancer Symposium at NUI Galway on Friday 17 May.
We will be streaming the event live. Please drop by and check our web cast at:

Staunton Media - Education Webcast specialists.

Creative Edge Project Launch

Creative Edge Project Launch November 2012. I had forgotten to post this one, until the client asked me for more copies on DVD. Just good stuff this - giving the Arts an edge in business. From the Whitaker Institute at NUI Galway

Email Problems

Had some serious issues with email last week. While I was enjoying a well needed break in sunny Westport, apparently my email server decided it also need a break from the daily grind. If you are awaiting a response from me on anything you sent last week, could you please resend, as chances are I did not get your original messages.

Much apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Doctor Video: HPV and Head and Neck Cancer Symposium May 17

We're delighting to be providing video and audio services for the HPV and Head and Neck Cancer Symposium on May 17 in NUI Galway. See this little video we did for more info.

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