Working for the CSI

Started with a new client today, the Clinical Science Institute at University College Hospital. Doing a bit of filming of student doctors interacting with their patients. Interesting stuff.

21st Century Enlightenment ..

Watch this! Great video. How our education systems are failing, and what we should be doing to educate our young.

Welcome New Customer - Eircom

First gig today for Eircom, full audio/visual treatment. Been running around trying to source them a big screen .. wow. Crazy what some AV suppliers will charge you! .. None of that Rip Off Ireland stuff here at Staunton Media where quality service for decent price is the mantra.

Video Shoot - BMX/Bike Week

Demo Shoot

Today we're on location at Galway Docks shooting some promo videos for the upcoming Bike Week programme ... Should be a laugh, and its always good to be outdoors on a beautiful sunny day.

Leon has come up with some great ideas, and Tim will be the main man on the editing desk. While I get to swan around and pretend I know what I'm doing .. we'll have some footage for you by the end of the week ...

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our clients, suppliers and employees. We're already kicking this year hard, with AV and other support services at both Galway 3rd Level colleges, NUI Galway and GMIT. Looking forward for this year, Staunton Media reckons that video will be big this year, so if you are looking for professional videographers and editors, please give us a call on 087 28 222 00 and we'll help point you in the right direction.

Busy Week ..

Been a busy week this week and still to come producing a video for Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, Irish Rural Link and Rural Community Network NI Seminar at NUI Galway. And also looking forward to the 1st International Languages Conference later in the week. Maybe even get to brush up a bit on the ol' language skills.

Coming Up .. Week of 29 Nov 2010

Last week we had the Galway Science & Technology Exhibition at NUI Galway. Over 30,000+ served! Good to see so many children (and their dads) absolutely absorbed.

This week our focus shifts to music and medicine! The music comes on Monday 29Nov at the Movember gig at the College Bar. Go Panda Go and The Lost Chords will take the stage at 9pm in aid of the great charity event. On Tuesday, the usual SU Sessions will take place in An Bialinn @ 6pm.

On Friday we shift gear again (both literally and figuratively) when we provide the audio visual for a medical conference at University College Hospital Galway.

Galway Science & Technology Festival

The Galway Science & Technology Exhibition will be held on Sunday November 21st at NUI Galway's Bailey Allen Hall.

Staunton Media is delighted to provided Audio Visual Services for this event, which is now in its 13th year. This year's Exhibition will be the first time it has been held at the Bailey Allen. For more details go to

NUIG Access Awards 2010

Here's a little video we shot last week for the Access 2010 Graduations & Awards.

NUIG Commerce Induction 2010 - Flash Mob

Here's a video we did recently for the NUIG 1st Year Commerce Induction day ... We did NOT choose the music!

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