Galway Advertiser Reviews Beyond the Wire

Ulster Punk is usually thought of as just The Undertones or Stiff Little Fingers but there was a much larger scene, full of exciting, highly political bands.Beyond The Wire gives voice to these bands, what they stood for, and the obstacles they faced and met head on. By letting the protagonists speak for themselves, the documentary also challenges listeners preconceptions of Ulster Protestant identity.
- Kernan Andrews, Arts Editor and Political Correspondent, Galway Advertiser

To listen -->Beyond the Wire

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Beyond the Wire premieres on Flirt FM 101.3 or on the web tonight at 7pm Irish time. Tune in for this excellent and enjoyable programme with lashings of great great music from the boys & girls from Belfast as they rebelled against the crushing norms of traditional Northern Ireland society. Go on then ....Go Beyond the Wire

"You may think you've heard all the stories about Northern Ireland, listen to Beyond the Wire and then you have." Donal Haughey - Hawkeye Films

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Well folks, I know its been a while, but the radio station is still not back live, and we've been transmitting pre-recorded shows ... this is all the fault of the builders and the inspectors and all that shite , but we are promised that everything will be ready to go for our official opening on Monday October 19. As part of those celebrations Beyond The Wire NightVision's documentary debut will receive its official world premiere at 19:00 Irish time on Monday October 19th. The show will be preceded by interview with the production team on the making of the documentary.
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Beyond The Wire

Beyond the Wire is scheduled to premiere on Monday October 19th at 19:00 on Flirt FM 101.3. or on the web -

Beyond the Wire -- Sneak Preview

Tune in Tonight, Friday 14 Aug @ 18:00 on Flirt FM 101.3 or for a sneak preview of the soon to be award-winning documentary .. BEYOND THE WIRE ... the story of Belfast's world renowned punk scene.

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Well folks, finally the documentary is finished. We have to master it, and clean up a few bits, but yeah, its done! ...

We're working now on its premiere date, which has been complicated slightly by Flirt FM's move to new premises at the end of next week. But stay tuned, we'll be sure to give u a heads up on when/where u can hear it first.

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