This Week @ Staunton Media

Here's just a few of the things we have on this week ..

Tuesday - SU Sessions @ Bialinn, NUIG at 6pm. First band we have up in this year's sessions is Key West..

Thursday - Flash Mob ... Flash Mob somewhere in Galway on Thursday, we can't tell you obviously, as that would spoil the surprise element, but Staunton Media crew will be filming the proceedings.

Friday - Cormac's weekly radio show at 22:00 on Flirt FM101.3

Seamus Heaney & the Contempo Quartet @ NUI Galway

Nobel prize winning poet Seamus Heaney will be in the Bailey Allen tonight along with the Contemo Quartet. As usual Staunton Media will be providing the Audio Visual services for the evening. Ah, culture at last.

SU Comedy & Music Sessions

NUIG Student Union presents comedy and music gigs throughout the academic year, and for the second year running have chosen Staunton Media to provide all audio support.

Sometimes its good to be back to school :)

Fisheries Conference 2010

This week Staunton Media is providing audiovisual and technical support to the 2010 International Fishery Dependent Information Conference at National University of Ireland, Galway. 250+ delegates from all over the world are in town to discuss and debate the future of the Fishing industry around the globe.

Macnas Parade Summer 2010

This package, put together by my colleague Tim Creedon during our stint together at GAF TV. It really shows of the fun of the Macnas street parade during the arts festival. Tim is Staunton Media's senior Editor.

Staunton Media & GAF TV

During the Galway Arts Festival this year, Staunton Media provided expertise in sound, production and camera to GAF TV ... here's something quick, only a minute long, but took 40 hours of video tape speeded up by 9000% ... it also required several soakings for our camera crew.

Many thanks to Danno Heaslip and the Fisheries Board for allowing us to set up cameras in their buildings ... cheers

2nd Annual Social Marketing Conference

2nd Annual Social Marketing Conference was held June 4th at the National University of Ireland. Staunton Media provided the audio and video services for the event.

Connect Your Laptop to TV for less than €50 Euro

Want to be able to watch all the best TV when and where you want, without having to squint at your laptop? Staunton Media can connect your PC to your TV and/or Hi-Fi for less that 50 euro in most cases.

If interested in a free quote, please contact Cormac on 087.28 222 00 or email cormac @

Alumni Awards Ball Video

If you want some idea of the capabilities of NightVision AV, check out this video of the Bailey Allen Hall at NUIG during the Alumni Awards in March 20102. This video was taken with my phone, so please pardon the quality.

NUIG Alumni Awards Gala Ball March 2010

NightVision AV provided AudioVisual services for the NUIG Alumni Awards Gala Ball on March 5th.

This was the view from the AV Comms room.

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