Beyond the Wire is almost complete. Just putting the final touches to it this week. You can check out the accompanying web site to see how we're doing. The web site is still under construction, but you can see what's going on ...

ROXETTE - DR Feelgood

1975 from Dr. Feelgood.

DR. Feelgood

Mutha's a muthafukkah

Radio Radio ... Flirt FM

Hey folks, I know you haven't heard from me in a while, I've been pretty busy with my masters and my new video biz, so music has taken a bit of a backseat for a while, but I still get my kicks every friday. Yes, I still have my radio show every Friday night on Flirt FM 101.3 @ 22:00hrs. I haven't be providing playlists as usual because I've been using CDs again instead of online/MP3 etc .. and I just get too into the music to start typing ... so, just tune in to to hear what I'm playing ...

Thursday May 14 - Research Continues

Convert streaming media to MP3 .. Tried this ... ... works, but is slow enough to convert to MP3, and has to be done real time.

Jamendo API is really a non starter, as Jamendo does not allow access to established artists' material, which would severely limited the appeal of the system

CreativeCommons - may be useful at some stage to the project, but doesn't really provide any technology to mix the media, its all download only.

JSON - Not really sure how JSON helps at this stage. but do need a way to interface with and/or search music sites.

Front End - Probably the easiest way to implement the front end is using some sort of playlist function. this could be fairly easily designed using some combination of HTML, Javascript, Flash and possibly XML or JSON.

1st Supervisor Meeting

Met with Alexandre Passant (DERI) today to discuss initial approach.

Look at:
Firefox Plug-in (Mp3 encoder) - because this approach would involved some sort of downloading or songs, will there be legal issues to this method? Is there anyway to circumvent?

Jamendo - Loot at using Jamendo API to see if we could build a website to interface to

Check out for free reusable music sources

Also look at JSON dat format APIs.

Report by to Alex by Thursday PM on findings.

Alex also let me know that he will be out of town from June 9 - 28.

Wordpress Blog ..

I started out using wordpress blog ... but decided to host the blog for the project on my own website ... so here's what i had previously ...

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XSPF WEB MUSIC PLAYER … Flash Player might be useful way to go

March 26, 2009
Capture Streaming Media
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Talked to Uldis at DERI … suggested rather than developing a plug-in, that finding some way to capture streaming files on hard disk, and then using Mixxx or similar to mix the resulting capture …

He also suggested poking around Song Bird

March 5, 2009
del la soul
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everybody wants to be a DJ ..
The Magic Number

March 5, 2009
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A Cyclic Interface for the Presentation of Multiple Music Files

have a look at this document ...

Sean Scoil ...

Hey folks, how y'all doin'? After 5 years or so, it has been decided to drop the name NightVision from the show, as it no longer represents what we do around here. And the new name SEAN SCOIL ... which, for our large international audience, mean Old School in Irish .. and pronounced Shan Skull ... so welcome to Sean Scoil every Friday at 22:00
As you can see from last Friday's playlist its totally Sean Scoil yo..

Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Dr. Bombay 27 Mar 11:57pm
MC Serch – You Never Know 27 Mar 11:52pm
De La Soul – The Magic Number 27 Mar 11:50pm
Delinquent Habits – Return of the Tres 27 Mar 11:46pm
Stetsasonic – Talkin' All That Jazz 27 Mar 11:42pm
People Under the Stairs – The Suite For Beaver Part 2 27 Mar 11:37pm
Jurassic 5 – Jurass Finish First 27 Mar 11:33pm
Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock Dis Funky Joint 27 Mar 11:28pm
A Tribe Called Quest – Mind Power 27 Mar 11:24pm

BEYOND update

sorry for no updates on the site recently, been busy as hell ... even added cameraman to my CV this weekend, played a wedding friday night, which why there was no NightVision on friday night, cos i was being better paid elsewhere :)

the documentary progressing nicely and it far better telling of the story, much lighter, but yet we still hit all the salient points. there are obviously some holes in some of the storylines, but we can handle that with a combination of presenter/music ... or at least that's the plan :)

last night we worked til past midnight on editing down the our revised script but we now have it down to about 65 minutes, so we need to lose about another 25 or so to leave time for music and interviewer/commentary and we were planning to do that by editing further on paper first before assembling the audio ...

NightVision Playlist 27.02.09

Tennessee --- Arrested Development
Hip Hop is Dead --- Nas
Sound of the Police --- KRS-One
Hypnotize --- The Notorious B.I.G.
Ghetto Superstar --- Wyclef Jean
Jump Off --- Li'l Kim
Dance to the Music --- Sly & the Family Stone
Boogie Wonderland --- Earth, Wind & Fire
Israelites --- Desmond Dekker
Fluff --- Cobra
Saturday Night Style --- Mickey Dread
The Tackro --- Lee Scratch Perry
Fungaa --- Lee Scratch Perry
Radio #1 --- Air
Whiteman in Hammersmith Palais --- The Clash
Guns are Drawn --- The Roots
Sun is Shining --- Bob Marley & The Wailers
Sweet Soul Brother # 1 --- Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
No Thugs in Our House --- XTC
Soon --- DJ Jazzy Jeff
Jungle Brothers ... oh, i give up ... too tired 2 type anymore ...

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