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Email Problems

Had some serious issues with email last week. While I was enjoying a well needed break in sunny Westport, apparently my email server decided it also need a break from the daily grind. If you are awaiting a response from me on anything you sent last week, could you please resend, as chances are I did not get your original messages.

Much apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Digital Score: The Effects of Digital Synthesizer and Samplers on Film Music.

Digital Score: The Effects of Digital Synthesizer and Samplers on Film Music. - Cormac Staunton M.A.

Bringing Context to YouTube from Seevl

Local Galway company Seevl have debuted 'ContexTube' , a new extension for Google's Chrome brings context to your music videos on YouTube. You can download it from here. Very useful little app, providing band bios, fact sheets, other related artists and suggestions for other YouTube videos to watch. Definitely a must have for your Chrome ....

Publish Your Own Online Newspaper

Want to create your own newspaper from your Twitter or Facebook feeds? Check this out from

iPhone overtaken by Android

According to the Guardian,Apple are getting a run for their money from Google & HTC.

Will Apple make the same mistake they made in the 1980s in the PC market by not licensing their iPhone software? Let's hope so, monopolies are not good things, and Apple have become as smug and arrogant as Microsoft were late last century.

Which Smart Phone to Buy?

Thinking of buying a smart phone soon? Well maybe you should hang on for a bit as two new phone are about to debut in the next few months, the Apple iPhone 4G and Google's Droid Incredible. Check out this review from our friends at Yahoo. Personally I would recommend the Android. I've been using the HTC Hero for 4 months now and absolutely love it. I could go on about its apps and its technology, but the best thing about the HTC/Android phone is, you're not just another poseur with an iPhone! But seriously, the HTC range of phones are impressive and a lot less expensive than the iPhone.

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