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HRB2020 - Health Research Board Annual Conference

We're honoured to have been chosen again to produce this year's Health Research Board Annual Conference - Trust and truth in health research. Obviously 2020 threw up its own unique set of challenges in having to move everything online. With our first two guests being a senior Govt. Minister and a Knight of the Realm, tooting our own horn here, but I think we knocked it out of the park.

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Virtual School Choir

One of the lockdown projects we produced. A virtual school choir using footage shot on Zoom and mobile phones and some tip-top post production work and these young women were the stars of their virtual graduation. 

Research projects funded by the Health Research Board and the Irish Research Council under the COVID-19 Rapid response research call

Just finished a video project for the Health Research Board and Irish Research Council, that was then taken under the wing on An Taoiseach's office. We had to remotely interview 21scientists and doctors around the country to talk about the projects they have been given funding for to help combat COVID19. Hugely impressed by each and every one of these folks and am certain some of this research will lead to improved response to the disease.


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