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Live Streaming 

Video Production

The full spectrum of audiovisual capabilities

Staunton Media is a full-service audio visual agency, incorporating strategy, creativity and technology to deliver outstanding and effective visual communications solutions.

Live Streaming

• Live Meetings

Live remote meetings can be a challenge and technical issues interrupt the flow of business. Our service gives you the freedom to flow through your meeting seamlessly.

• Showcase

Just like you would show a new customer or client how to use your product, how your service works or who your people are in person - live streamed showcases build trust in your brand. 

• Live Interviews

Short live interviews are massively engaging. Show the human side of your business and have a discussion with your audience live and take questions from the stream.

• Entertainment & Shows

There is zero room for mistakes with Professional High Definition Live Streaming. Our years of experience takes the pressure off you, ensuring you are broadcast to the world at your best.

HD Live Streaming

Video Production

• Promo Video

Showcase your product, present a service or interview a thought leader - our video promo service delivers a top-class solution for promoting your organisation.

• Video Advert

Advertising through video is all about comminicating with your audience. We work with you to deliver that message the way you want, in the best quality for the Web, TV or Social audiences.

• Film Projects

Need help with a short film or documentary? We have the experience and tools to move your project forward fast, and we love to work with creatives.

Real Events brought to the virtual world.

Clever & insightful productions delivered by experienced creative professionals. Real events brought to the virtual world with our audiovisual services. 

Virtual Events

Virtual Event Audiovisual

• Live Events

Live streaming events can be challenging but our years of experience and expertise gives you the freedom to focus on your event, and let us handle the broadcast.

• Digital Summit

When you bring world class speakers together, you want to showcase them to the world. We present your digital summit seamlessly to a global audience. Keep your ditial summit sessions online to increase your reach massively. 

• Conferences

We have produced hundreds of conference events from academic paper sessions to our annual Galway TEDx event. 

• Virtual tours

Showcase your business services with a walkabout virtual tour, or perform a rpoduct demonstration just liek you would live - while reaching a global audience. Your virtual tour video is an asset you can employ again and again to present your brand.


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